Monthly Archives: November 2013

On All Saints’ Day

all saints day

This morning

my heart is quietly crumbling

as everyone thinks of their dead

you are my dead

the one I love

I light your candle

and touch the blanket

stained with your blood

why is blood funny

on October 31st?

blood is life

your life

held forever

(or for as long

as we manage not to throw

the blanket in the wash)

I hope forever

but then again,

I hoped for forever

but only got 26 weeks and 5 days

I’m sure this time

I could let it go as well

blood is my life

as it pulsed into yours

our placenta

keeping you alive

long enough

inside of me

to feel so much love

and hear our songs

I guess now

that there is no blood

in your body

that has become ash

dry, grey, soft

you hear our songs

from the place

inside our hearts

where you are

warm and held

you hear our songs

when we hold hands

touched by a ray of yellow orange sun

we think that’s you

cuddling with us

On All Saints’ Day

when everyone is done

laughing at blood

I blow kisses over your candle

missing so much

those 26 weeks and 5 days

when our blood was warm

pulsing back and forth

alive between our bodies