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Together, part II

Together, part II

because wordpress sucks and is too hard for regularly minded, computer illeterate, people the likes of me, the photo of the previous post goes here. Separetly. Togehter. Except, separately.



Carly Marie, I find, is an inspirational woman. She’s a sneaky little elf, making things look simple. She’s all hi, I’m Carly, I go down to the beach and draw butterflies with a butterknife. I’m no fool, I can draw my own butterfly for my baby.

Well, at least I tried.

I cannot draw butterflies.

Sneaky and beautifully artistic.

Also, generous.

And I am trying to do something else she and many others have started doing: care packages.

I call mine Information Packages. In my necks of the woods, generally speaking, when medical personnel has to sadly inform the parents that their dear, beloved baby has died in utero, parents are oftentimes confronted with not only terrible news but a somewhat insensitive professional. Worldwide, the loss community is making strides, trying to break the silence. This silence, which still prevails, is especially felt at the beginning. No one is prepared for loss. No one knows, before they are in the thick of the storm, whom to contact, where to find support groups, how to deal with the death of their baby.

The Information Packages I am preparing hope to breach the gap. To let newly bereaved parents know that they are not alone, that there are resources and support at their disposal. Mostly, that they are not alone.

In this community, as in everything else, probably, we grow together. One person’s generous voice, loving gift, becomes another person’s life line, and, in turn, their own gift forward.